Tweets About San Francisco #District5
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Fuck You San Francisco District 5. Write in John C. For District 5 Supervisor! For the Haight/Ashbury district, John C says: We're not asking for your email. Political Spam is for Assholes. Make a Point! Elect someone who promises to do nothing! District 5 has had fuck-all done for it in 20 years. He wont do less. He doesn't want "donations." He already has a fucking job! He doesn't give a fuck. Why should you? Wont knock on your door. Doesn't care about your vote. He'll keep his campaign promises. He isn't making any. San Francisco's Board of Supervisors is a joke. They deserve a real comedian. If you are throwing your vote away, why not write in John C? Don't be a dick, just vote for one! Vote on Tuesday, November 6th 2012, fucker! It's a privlige and your right! You're worried about zoning? Now? Too fucking late for that!